FernWeh - Tourism Review, 2007
informationszentrum 3. welt (iz3w)
Aktion Dritte Welt e.V. (Freiburg)

Directors: Steffen Schülein / Martina Backes / Thomas Cernay
Camera: Oliver Klein
Interviews: Martina Backes / Steffen Schülein
Editing: Thomas Cernay
Music: Theo Nabicht
Subtitles: Uwe Hagenlocher / Heiko Fischer


Genetic Drugs & Jasmon
Touch and Go (I find you very attractive)


Vincent Mapulanga
Agatha Mapulanga
Charles Mapulanga
Peter Mapulanga
Petrus Mapulanga
Wosta Mapulanga
Filimina Muyoba Mapulanga

Vincent Katanekwa (Director Livingstone Museum)
Sean Mweene (Gender NGO)
Sarah Niombo (Ministry of Tourism)
Frederick Mwendapole (Ex-Mayor Livingstone)
John Cristando (Tourist)
Sven Andrew Bolton (TheZambezi.Com)

Andre; Anne; Boyd; Captain Babyface; Costa; Inuk; Mandris; Mike; Moses; Pajero (PJ); Scott; Shane; Steve; Wosta


Adam; Chris; Miriam; Nami; Sean; Warren

Special thanks

Safari Par Excellence (Livingstone / Vic Falls)
Fawlty Towers Lodge (Livingstone)

Sponsored by

European Commission
Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism (SST)

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FernWeh - Tourism Review / 2007
Informationszentrum 3. welt (iz3w)
Aktion Dritte Welt e.V., Freiburg